How is the cost of my project determined?
Your project will be quoted through the order page. There are different options which you can choose according to your desires. The total price will be shown automatically at the bottom of the page, after you have filled in the number of pages in your project and the desired options. We consider orders as a bulk when an order contains over 12 mark-up pages. Quotes for bulk orders will be provided after we have received an approval from the manager. The manager will check the designs and requirements for the project. On the order page you can choose the options you desire, and a quote for CMS (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla) will be provided automatically. The cost structure is based on the options selected, and the simplicity or complexity of the pages. Every project is unique and we try to make sure our pricing is based on your specific needs.

Can I get a discount?
We apply the following discount rules:
We only apply discounts for bulk projects (12 mark-up pages). For each secondary HTML / CSS page of the same website you can get a certain discount percentage. After we have investigated your designs and requirements, we will be able to provide you an exact discount percentage.
Feel free to contact us by phone or mail.

How long does it take to develop my project?
One HTML / CSS page takes approximately 8 working hours. Each additional page in the same project takes 3–8 working hours. However, it depends on the complexity and
specifications of the project. After we have collected all the details and they are crystal clear
between the client and the project manager, then we will start the project. The time will vary from project to project.
When you post an order on the order page, you will see the approximate delivery days of your project. Take into account that the delivery time may change depending on the complexity and specifications of your project. If you want to speed up the delivery, you can choose the expedited service, at an additional cost.
However, designs which using JPEG, GIF, AI, PNG, non-layered PSD files have a longer delivery time in general. Designs which using AI / EPS / inDD etc. formats need to be converted into PSD. We will need your confirmation for this before we proceed with the mark-up. Take into account that this may take additional time. You have to make sure that you enclose all the external images and fonts used in your AI / EPS file. CMS / eCommerce basic integration is scheduled separately from HTML / CSS mark-up, depending on the functionality required and usually takes 2–3 business days. The ETA for website development projects is provided upon thoughtful investigation with the quote.

What are your opening hours?
Our openings hour are from Monday to Friday (08.30-17.30). We are available through all major holidays in the EU, except on Dec 31 and Jan 1. If you wish timeline adjustments in your project, we can check for possible expedited delivery and weekend work. Changes in our schedule will be announced on our site for our clients.

If I want some changes to the completed mark-up, can you help me?
Of course, we can help. We love to help you with minor adjustments, even if they are not included in your original project specifications. However, if the adjustments require a great deal of additional effort, the changes will be quoted separately.

Can you sign our DNA?
Yes we can sign your NDA document. However, we will investigate the document first and will sign it digitally. We will send a scan copy of the signed document to you. You can send the NDA document to our e-mail. Please note, we guarantee that all the information we have from you will not become public. Please read our NDA policy on the Terms of Services page.

What payment options do you accept?
Ideal is accepted at the moment


I need the complex project as soon as possible, is this feasible?
If you have any order that is time-sensitive, please contact us immediately when you make an order, and we will look into delivery possibilities.

What types of source files do you accept?
We prefer files that are layered PSD, PNG or TIFF files. We do accept AI/EPS files, but please take into account that additional time will be needed to convert them into PSD format. We also need your confirmation of the AI/PSD conversion.

What types of browsers do you support?
The coding is created according to W3C standards. All our mark-up is displayed correctly in all popular modern browsers. The webpages will be tested on the latest versions of Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari by default for all packages.

On what types of platforms do you test the projects?
We will test all the projects on both Windows and Mac OS platforms.

What is the SSI option and what is it purpose?
SSI as known as Server Side Includes is a server-side scripting language that enables website maintenance easier. The components which come all the way through the site are placed in different files to protect resources from the server. For example, the header of your site will be loaded from the SSI file and will be automatically showed on each page of your site, regardless of how many pages you have.
You will receive two versions of the site, when you select this option. One version will include HTML pages, which can be opened both locally and from the server. The other version will use SSI. Including PHP is also possible upon request. We would like to ask you to specify which components you want to be included in the SSI.

Do you need any additional information if I order layout width: flexible? 
If you would like the Layout Width: Flexible option, then please make clear of the following:

  • How the pages should stretch horizontally
  • Which components should be fixed and which flexible
  • What the alignment of the components should be
  • Please send us a screenshot representing the page at higher resolutions.
    The minimum width of the pages will match the width of the design files provided.

    What if the text in the design files is flattened ?
    Please send us the layered PSD files where the text is editable. In case you are not able to provide us these and the text is flattened, contact and inform us which font styles should be used, so that we can insert text placeholders.

    I have non-web fonts in my design. Can you implement @font-face or google fonts/ typekit for me?
    Yes we can. We can use these font-replacement techniques. However, you have to visit to check if your fonts are compliant with the safe fonts or have the necessary licenses for their web-embedding. Please note that in this case the client is fully responsible for the following EULA. Fonts produced by Adobe Systems are known to be safe. Fonts produced by BertholdFontFont
    Fontsmith, Hoefler & Frere-Jones, ITC, Linotype require some additional licenses for their web embedding.

    What versions of Adobe Dreamweaver do you provide compatibility?
    We provide compatibility with Adobe Dreamweaver CC. To include it in your order, please select the Dreamweaver Compatibility option.

    Is it possible to do compatibility with different mobile devices?
    Of course, we can. Please note that you have to choose for responsive design. You will get compatibility with iOS 7+ (iPhone, iPad), Android 4+, and Windows Phone 8.

    What is responsive design?
    Responsive web design is a web design approach aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing experience that look great on any devices, smartphones, tablets, iPads, smart TVs, and desktop. It is easy to read and to navigate with a minimum of resizing, planning and scrolling. Responsive Design adapts its layout depending on the screen resolution of the devices you use.

    Does JavaScript work on mobile devices?
    Yes, all JavaScript work in most cases on mobile devices without any problems. In case it is not possible, we will let you know this in advance.

    What is the minimum screen resolution you test for?
    We test on devices with a minimum screen resolution of 320px. If your resolution is less than 320px. Please make a note when making your order.

    If I choose for CSS option, which browsers will be supported?
    If you choose for CSS3, we provide compatibility with the latest versions of Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Safari

    Additional requests

    Is it possible to re-slice an existing site?
    If you would like a mark-up for an existing site to be remade, then please send us the local HTML version of the site (HTML, CSS, images, etc.) which will enable us to open the page locally. Contact and inform us also in which browsers the page is showed correctly or give us the screenshot of how the page should look. By default, we do not include link URLs in the code. If you have interest in any additional functionality, please contact us.

    Do you do JavaScript / AJAX / PHP?
    We love to help you with JavaScript / AJAX / PHP. However, we would like to receive a specification of the functionality you are interested in and the preferable library or framework. The quote will be provided separately, depending on the request.

    Do you support ASP.NET?
    At the moment we do not offer ASP.NET services yet. We are always open to help you with the mark-up.

    Is it possible to clean up my code or make some fixes to the existing pages?
    We strive for the best quality of the final product for our clients, for this reason we always prefer to do all the codes from scratch. Furthermore, we usually re-slice the pages. But, you are always welcome to provide your code to us for investigation.

    Email Templates

    What is the reason for using table-based coding for the Email templates?
    This way, we can ensure you the maximum compatibility with as many email clients as possible. It is also possible for email clients which are not supported by CSS or cannot load images. The tables will show correctly for all your customers.

    What are the main restrictions for the email template designs?
    These are our design requirements:

  • Please note that the text laid over the pattern background will be made as an image. The
  • editable HTML text can be laid over the solid color backgrounds only.

  • Try to avoid placing elements one over the other, e.g. the button is placed over the
  • background image. Otherwise, such elements will be made as one image.

    What is the required width of an Email template?
    The optimal width is from 600px to 700px.

    What types of fonts are better to use?
    We prefer Web fonts without effects, but any other fonts will be included into images.

    If I use Mail Chimp or Campaign monitor option, what do I need to take into account?
    If you choose for these two options, then you have to include an unsubscribe link in the newsletter.

    How can I import my Email template to Mailchimp?
    It’s easy, just follow the steps below.
    1)    Go to Mailchimp and login to MailChimp.
    2)    After you have logged in, click on “my templates”. It is the big red button next to the “create campaign”
    3)    Then, click on “code custom template” in the sidebar, below “Code”.
    4)    Click on “import zip file” at the top.
    5)    Click on “browse”, and select from the archive we have sent you and click on “upload”.
    6)    Click on “save”, and type the name of the template and click on “save as”.
    7)    Now you can find your template under “My Templates”. If you have any questions or problems, please contact us.

    Can you help with the installation?
    Of course, We have experts as coders and we love helping people with the installation, we can help.
    We need the following details in order to install the theme on your server:
    Ø  Credentials (hostname, username, password, target directory) of the new installation
    Ø  MySQL database login credentials (hostname, username, password and database name)
    We can also install WordPress using other methods (e.g. remote desktop, VPN). Please note that we don’t require hosting control panel or phpMyAdmin access for installation purposes.

    Do you offer website development services?
    Of course, we can help you. Guidance in the development services such as content as well as input of the final website copy. The following CSS we support are: WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, If you need a custom CMS solution, please send us a request through e-mail.

    Is it possible to create a theme for the existing mark-up?
    We will review the HTML / CSS for investigation. After investigating the mark-up we will let you know whether it can be used for implementation or if creating the mark-up from scratch is recommended instead.

    Do you support the theme on an ongoing basis after its creation?
    Yes we do. We give free theme support for 30 days after it’s delivered. After 30 days we love to support our products on a paid basis.

    What types of versions of the cams do you provide?
    We are experienced with WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and other PHP based content management systems.

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